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Verokey Secure Code Signing EV Certificate

Verokey Secure Code Signing EV Certificate Description Verokey
Streamline and fortify your code-signing process with the Verokey EV Code Signing Certificate!

With unwavering Australian support and DigiCert root certification featured as part of the EV Code Signing offering, Verokey empowers developers to stay ahead of the security curve in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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  • Validation Type: Extended Business
  • Secure Delivery: USB Token or HSM
  • Signing License: Unlimited
  • Instant Trust SmartScreen Reputation
  • Device Support: Best
  • Refund Policy: 30 Days
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Enhanced Code-Signing Options for All Developers

Verokey's EV Code-Signing Certificate presents a comprehensive solution to the challenges posed by today's Software ecosystem. Leveraging Digicert root certification, this cutting-edge security solution ensures uncompromising protection for your software, regardless of the given niche, industry, and audience.

Top-Notch Code Certification With Extended Validation

Verokey makes code signing a breeze for security-minded developers. Our certificate offers extensive platform support, with a minimum of 3072-bit RSA or 233-bit ECC key size, catering to your needs and preferences.

Enjoy rapid issuance times and access to unlimited signing licenses, positioning the Verokey EV Code Signing Certificate as the optimal choice for application-level security. Combining a robust feature set, competitive pricing, and straightforward management, Verokey ensures a seamless and secure code signing experience.

Must-Have Features and More

Verokey's Extended Validation code-signing product guarantees a variety of useful features to all of its users:

  • unlimited licensing and signing
  • rapid issuance
  • comprehensive platform and software support
  • cutting-edge security
  • enterprise-grade EV validation
  • support for contemporary 64-bit and legacy 32-bit code

With Verokey, no performance is left on the table, and any application developer who opts for our signing solutions can count on excellent security, feature coverage, and support.

Stellar Platform Support

Eliminate security warnings associated with your code across various platforms. Verokey's Code-Signing EV certificate provides extensive platform coverage, supporting Microsoft 32 and 64-bit file formats (EXE, OCX, MSI, CAB, DLL, and kernel-level software), Microsoft Office Macro (VBA), Microsoft Silverlight (XAF), JAVA applets, Adobe AIR applications, Mozilla Object files, Apple Mac software, and much more.

Improved Security Leads to Improved Authority

Elevate your application's authority and trustworthiness with Verokey's EV Code-Signing Certificate. By embedding a digital signature directly into your software, you establish an unmistakable mark of authenticity, assuring users that your code remains unaltered and secure. This heightened verification level fosters trust, leading to substantially improved adoption rates and better authority in software development.

For an enterprising application developer, signed code leads to:

  • Improved authority
  • Better code trustworthiness
  • Long-term value addition

And, thanks to the featured certificate's EV qualification, it's a perfect choice for professional, enterprise-grade productions that can scale up as much as necessary.

Trusted from the top down with our DigiCert Partnership

You can't sign software with any Certificate or use any Certificate Authority as the trust comes down the chain from the root Certificate to your issued certificate. That is why Verokey has partnered with DigiCert to use their root certificates at the top to have the highest level of trust and compatibility with as many systems as possible. DigiCert has signed our Verokey Intermedaitry Certificates and entrusted us as a modern Digital Certificate provider for Code Signing. And the best part is, you get it all at a much lower cost.

Get The Ultimate EV Code Signing Certificate Solution Quickly and Easily

In the face of ever-evolving cyber threats, prompt issuance is vital to fortify your applications against potential attacks. Verokey's EV Code-Signing Certificate, provided by SSLTrust, boasts one of the fastest issuance processes in the market, leaving virtually no vulnerability windows for end-users.

You can access a smooth and hassle-free code-signing process by choosing the Verokey Code-Signing EV certificate backed by DigiCert's expertise. Experience a quick and easy way to sign your code, ensuring your software's integrity and earning the confidence of your users.

Buy from SSLTrust For More Value

SSLTrust's Australian-based support team is wholly devoted to providing timely and reliable assistance to its customers. We understand the unique needs of enterprise users, and our team is ready to promptly cater to your specific requirements. With a team of veteran security experts ready to assist should something go amiss, and with a library's worth of support documentation available to all its customers, SSLTrust can guarantee an unmatched quality of service, no matter the situation.

Choose SSLTrust and Verokey Code Signing SSL certificate for robust protection and unmatched support, ensuring your code remains secure and reliable in today's ever-changing digital landscape.

Product NameVerokey High Assurance Secure Code EV Certificate
Validation TypeExtended Business Validation by DigiCert
Issuance Time1-5 Business Days
Signing LicensesUnlimited Signing Licenses
Microsoft's SmartScreenReduced Alerts and Warnings
Minimum Key Size3072-bit (RSA), 233-bit (ECC)
ExecutablesDigitally sign 32-bit or 64-bit executables, including .exe, .ocx, .dll, .cab and kernel mode software
Client OS CompatibilityBest
Platform Support
  • Windows 8
  • Any Microsoft format (32 and 64 bit) EXE, OCX, MSI, CAB, DLL, and kernel Software
  • Adobe AIR applications
  • JAVA applets
  • Mozilla Object files
  • MS Office Macro or VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) files
  • Apple Mac software for MacOS 9 and OSX
  • Microsoft Silverlight applications or XAF files
  • and more
Refund Policy30 Days

Code Signing certificates are supposed to be hard to obtain, but with the great help and expertise of the SSLTrust team we were able to navigate the process successfully. Our company presented unusual problems for the process which had caused an attempt with another provider to fail miserably afetr several months. SSLTrust stepped into the breach and guided us through to a successful outcome. There communication was clear, their website easy to navigate, and their integration with CA providers was seamless. We would highly recommend.

a year ago

We've been using SSLTrust for a few years now and it's been such a pleasant experience.We have a pretty unique setup and we need help from customer service every so often for our multiple certificates. Paul has been extremely helpful and responsive.I highly recommend their services!

5 months ago