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Comodo SSL Certificates are one of the quickest and most cost-effective web security solutions on the market. Comodo's products are a great choice for any online business looking to protect their customer’s transactions with a high level of security assurance. Their digital SSL/TLS certificates will secure your site or web server with full 256-bit encryption, unlimited licensing, and up to $1,750,000 in warranty.

Comodo SSL Certificates
Upto 90 Days added on for Free

Domain Validated Comodo SSL Certificates

Domain Validated
ProductLowest PriceSecuresSite SealWarrantyIssuance Time 
Comodo PositiveSSL$7.30 / yr
$233 Saved
Single domain
$10,0005-15 minutes
Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain$20.79 / yr
$803 Saved
Multiple domains
$10,0005-15 minutes
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard$70.12 / yr
$991 Saved
Unlimited subdomains
$10,0005-15 minutes
Comodo EssentialSSL$16.86 / yr
$355 Saved
Single domain
$10,0005-15 minutes
Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard$91.02 / yr
$914 Saved
Unlimited subdomains
$10,0005-15 minutes
Most PopularComodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL$135.86 / yr
$1,515 Saved
Multiple domains
Unlimited subdomains
$10,0005-15 minutes
Comodo UCC/SAN Exchange SSL$62.65 / yr
$1,254 Saved
Multiple domains
$50,0005-15 minutes

Business Comodo SSL Certificates

Business Validated
Free Fast SSL Provided: Get secured faster with a free SSL while you complete your business validation.
ProductLowest PriceSecuresSite SealWarrantyIssuance Time 
Comodo InstantSSL$32.57 / yr
$387 Saved
Single domain
$10,0001-2 days
Most PopularComodo InstantSSL Pro$36.24 / yr
$368 Saved
Single domain
$100,0001-2 days
Comodo PremiumSSL Wildcard$142.99 / yr
$1,759 Saved
Unlimited subdomain
$250,0001-2 days
Comodo Multi-Domain SSL$84.84 / yr
$1,390 Saved
Multiple domains
$250,0001-2 days
Comodo UCC/SAN Business Exchange SSL$84.84 / yr
$1,143 Saved
Multiple domains
$250,0001-2 days

Premium EV Comodo SSL Certificates

Extended Validation
ProductLowest PriceSecuresSite SealWarrantyIssuance Time 
Most PopularComodo PositiveSSL EV$92.42 / yr
$82 Saved
Single domain
$1,000,0001-5 days
Comodo EV SSL$106.47 / yr
$1,936 Saved
Single domain
$1,750,0001-10 days
Comodo Multi-Domain EV SSL$223.34 / yr
$3,827 Saved
Multiple domains
$1,750,0001-10 days

Code Signing Comodo Certificates

ProductLowest PriceSecuresValidationWarrantyIssuance Time 
Comodo Code Signing Certificate$342.17 / yr
$209 Saved
CodeBusiness-1-3 days
Most PopularComodo EV Code Signing Certificate$433.19 / yr
$294 Saved
CodeBusiness-1-10 days

Email Signing Comodo (S/MIME) Certificates

ProductLowest PriceSecuresValidationIssuance Time 
Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate$18.73 / yr
$18 Saved
Email, Document, Two-Factor AuthEmail1-15 minutes
Comodo Email, Identity and Business Authentication$59.66 / yr
$46 Saved
Email, Document, Two-Factor AuthEmail, Identity and Business1-5 days

Free Comodo Certificates

ProductLowest PriceSecuresValidationWarrantyIssuance Time 
Comodo 30 Day TrialFreeSingle domainDomain-1-10 minutes
24/7 Support
Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited Server Licenses
99.9% Device Support

Why Comodo SSL Certificates?

Secure Website on Laptop

Comodo SSL certificates are as popular as they are because they offer impeccable 256-bit encryption, a Site Seal, and - sometimes - the green address bar (if supported) at the lowest price on the market.

A full-fledged Certificate Authority, Comodo is in a position to offer high assurance of security for any given domain name on the market. Whether you're an e-commerce website owner or in need of a unified communications security service - Comodo has you covered.

Any given SSL certificate you get from Comodo is an assurance of safety in and of itself. Enterprise-grade websites, in particular, must invest in identity validation and phishing protection so as to keep their users' data safe. On top of that, the warranty items provided by Comodo are often more than enough to sway website owners onto their side - a money-back guarantee, if push comes to shove.

For those who choose Comodo, their SSL certificate provides security in the simplest way possible. Business validation of your company name is within reach, too, and at the lowest price on the market. We are pleased to have the cheapest Multi-Domain SSL Certificate available.

Key CryptographyRSA or ECC
Minimum Key Size2048-bit (RSA), 233-bit (ECC)
SSL/TLS Encryption256-bit Encryption

Comodo CA Root Certificate

All major browsers and devices support SSL certificates issued by Comodo, simply by trusting their root and intermediate certificates.

You can have your new certificate issued under an SHA-1 Root to ensure total compatibility with older devices and browsers. Alternatively, you could top for a full SHA2-Root issuance for best security practices. The choice between the two SSL integration options is provided during the configuration process.

Comodo Root
Comodo Site Seal

Secure Site Seal

Add the included Secure Site Seal to your website to improve your trustworthiness in the eye of the end-user. Comodo's selection of SSL certificates often includes a Dynamic Site Seal. Upon clicking on it, your visitors will be greeted with a window showcasing your business details, as verified by a trusted 3rd Party.

If your new SSL certificate does not come with a Dynamic Seal, it will have an included Static Seal. These can be placed on your website to show the type of SSL you are using, and they're a remarkably good way to increase the level of trust your website enjoys.

Site Seal
Comodo Brand

The History of Comodo

Comodo was founded in the UK in 1998 and eventually relocated its business headquarters to the United States in 2004. By 2018, Comodo had already become the largest Certificate Authority on the market, their SSL certificates some of the most popular security solutions of all time.

They have fast become a leader of the industry, helping to set standards by contributing to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). In 2005, Comodo became a founding member of the CA/Browser Forum. A discussion to create a central authority for delivering best practice guidelines for digital certificate issuance.

From the 1st November 2018, the company rebranded under the new name Sectigo, though 'Comodo' remains a popular brand, as per its historical value in the security niche..

Installation Service by our Expert Team

SSLTrust has got its installation service available to help you install your new Certificate: quickly and easily. We can also help with the initial configuration process to get your business and domain validation completed smoothly.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

SSLTrust & Comodo Review Ratings of 4.9/5 from 336 reviews.

Our friendly team of SSL Experts are always available to help.

Paul Baka

Paul Baka
SSLTrust Account Manager

Paul is considered to be SSLTrusts' leading Cyber Security Expert and most knowledgeable on SSL/TLS Certificates and PKI Solutions.

Paul Baka

Hollie Acres
SSLTrust Account Manager

Hollie has been part of the SSLTrust team since it was established. She is a qualified Mechanical Engineering and IT professional.

Jeremy Schatten

Jeremy Schatten
SSL/TLS Platform Expert

Jeremy is our expert when it comes to installing any SSL Certificate and configuring a system to best security practices.

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We've been using SSLTrust for a few years now and it's been such a pleasant experience.We have a pretty unique setup and we need help from customer service every so often for our multiple certificates. Paul has been extremely helpful and responsive.I highly recommend their services!

5 months ago

Code Signing certificates are supposed to be hard to obtain, but with the great help and expertise of the SSLTrust team we were able to navigate the process successfully. Our company presented unusual problems for the process which had caused an attempt with another provider to fail miserably afetr several months. SSLTrust stepped into the breach and guided us through to a successful outcome. There communication was clear, their website easy to navigate, and their integration with CA providers was seamless. We would highly recommend.

a year ago

Very happy with the service from SSLTrust! I had to organise a code signing certificate with a hardware token. Having somewhere local made the process much smoother for verification. Support is also very quick to answer which is a great change!

8 months ago

Comodo SSL Certificates FAQ

SSL certificates engineered by Comodo are some of the most ubiquitous on the market. Featuring an extremely wide range of applications and, more often than not, offering their services at the lowest price on the market, Comodo has grown to become an incredibly important Certificate Authority.

Their SSL solutions offer a high assurance of safety and allow you to secure your website remarkably quickly and easily. They're a cost-effective solution for both private and business website owners, and a surefire way to protect your company name.

As of 2021, Comodo is owned by Francisco Partners - an American private equity business that specializes in technology investments and service-oriented businesses. Francisco Partners acquired Comodo back in 2017 - a move that seems to have worked in both companies' favor.

Contemporary Comodo SSL certificates are as good as any other SSL solution on the market. They offer a solid ratio of security to one's financial investment, and they're a great way to protect your website - no matter the niche. You can get your organization validated remarkably quickly with Comodo, with Busines Validation being just one of many services they provide.

Comodo's SSL certificates also come with solid warranty periods and amounts, even if you're only looking to secure a single domain.

There are limited-time free SSL certificates provided by Comodo, but they're not permanent website security solutions. Being a massive Certificate Authority, Comodo often offers promotional services, just one of which is the occasional availability of free SSL. Note, however, that these SSL certificates will only last a couple of months at best, and won't offer long-term protection a proper certificate implementation would otherwise provide.

You can get your SSL certificates - Comodo-provided - right here at SSLTrust! We offer a full array of SSL certificates Comodo issues - at the lowest price on the market. Grab your certificate today with minimum fuss and maximum satisfaction.

The whole process of putting your Comodo-branded SSL certificates to work is explained as you move to make a purchase here at SSLTrust. We've got a team of experts that can help you implement any kind of certificate Comodo has provided - easily and without compromising your website's security. Reach out to SSLTrust today for instant SSL support!

Comodo PositiveSSL

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $7.30 /yr

Comodo PositiveSSL is one of the most affordable SSL certificates you could get. We can get you up and running with full 256-bit encryption in a matter of minutes: enjoy SSL certificate protection without worrying if validation has gone through and whether you are properly secure. Lowest price guarantee!

Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $20.79 /yr

Securing multiple domains with a single certificate, Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain is a baseline Domain Validation SSL that will grant you maximum flexibility without any real downsides. Get one of these SSL certificates in a matter of minutes, with the option of adding (and removing) multiple domains in the future.

Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $70.12 /yr

Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard certificate is an incredibly cost-effective way of securing unlimited subdomains you may or may not have. Get all of your sub-domains validated with PositiveSSL Wildcard by Comodo, and enjoy Wildcard SSL at the lowest price without losing out on security.

Comodo EssentialSSL

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $16.86 /yr

Comodo EssentialSSL is designed to be a simple, yet effective one-stop-shop SSL certificate for light website owners. This Domain Validation SSL will protect your single domain site quickly and easily - at the lowest price on the market.

Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $91.02 /yr

Comodo's EssentialSSL Wildcard SSL is a great choice for those who need to secure multiple services at the same time. Get your website, FTP server, mail server, and other implements up to par with 256-bit encryption at a highly competitive price point.

Comodo InstantSSL

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $32.57 /yr

This single certificate from Comodo affords business site validation on a single domain. It's a fast and easy way to clearly showcase the authenticity of your business to any visitors you might be getting, not to mention the affordable price.

Comodo InstantSSL Pro

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $36.24/yr

Comodo InstantSSL Pro is an upgraded version of Comodo's baseline Instant SSL certificate. Get a Comodo Site Seal featured on your website today: a must-have for any business looking to ensure trustworthiness and security.

Comodo PremiumSSL Wildcard

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $142.99 /yr

This Wildcard SSL certificate from Comodo offers protection across unlimited subdomains with an outstanding $250,000 warranty attached. Get all of your sub-domains protected using just one certificate for your whole business venture. Impeccable price-point included!

Comodo EV SSL

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $106.47 /yr

Comodo EV SSL is an Extended Validation SSL that's perfect for business-grade implementations. Get your site secure with 256-bit encryption, featuring the green address bar on supported browsers. This Comodo EV SSL delivers the highest level of trust on a single domain. Get Comodo EV today and never worry about SSL again.

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $84.84 /yr

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL allows you to secure unlimited server licenses in a single process of validation. Protect your business domain names with this multi-domain SSL and enjoy maximum compatibility rates, foolproof validation, and user assurance across the board.

Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $135.86 /yr

When Comodo's Multi-Domain SSL doesn't afford you the coverage you need, it's time to upgrade to Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL. Protect multiple domain names and an unlimited number of subdomains and be 100% sure that your site is secure. This is one of the most comprehensive Multi-Domain SSL certificate options on the market.

Comodo Multi-Domain EV SSL

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $223.34 /yr

This Multi-Domain EV SSL from Comodo is the tool of choice when you need to secure a multi-domain setup at the lowest price. Upgrade your business site with EV certificates provided by Comodo and know that you've done everything you can to secure your online presence.

Comodo UCC/SAN Domain

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $62.65 /yr

Designed from the ground up to secure Microsoft Exchange servers, these certificate solutions can be used for schools, legal entities, businesses, or any other major enterprise-grade site. This UCC/SAN certificate provides you with all the tools you need to rest easy. Your business is fully secure on the web with this domain name certificate.

Comodo UCC/SAN Business

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $84.84 /yr

This Microsoft Exchange validation certificate is an upgraded version of the Comodo UCC/SAN Domain certificate. Employ business verification to add an extra layer of trust between you and your users. Enjoy support for unlimited server licenses even after the initial issuance process.

Comodo PositiveSSL EV

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $92.42 /yr

Comodo PositiveSSL EV is built to target the lowest price in its category with Extended Validation attached for maximum business and user safety across the board. Comodo EV allows you to validate your presence and communicate your status to the visitors for vastly improved trustworthiness.

Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $342.17 /yr

Comodo's Code Signing certificates make up a comprehensive software safekeeping solution, no matter the file type or format. The Code Signing certificate is particularly important if you're a software developer or publisher, as it removes any potential warnings your users might've otherwise received about the validity of their download. Let them know that your code is signed and 100% secure today.

Comodo Free Trial Certificate

Free and valid for 3 months

If you need to get a quick Comodo certificate to secure a single domain for up to 90 days for free, the Comodo Free Trial certificate is here for your consideration. Best of all, upgrading to a more comprehensive Comodo EV, Code Signing, or multiple domains solution will be especially easy, if you decide to go for it.

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