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To create your SSL Certificate you will require a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and a Private Key. You will need this for every SSL your order from Certificate Authorities such as Geotrust, Comodo and Thawte. You can generate the CSR and Key for your SSL Certificate online with our FREE tool below. Just be sure to follow the following steps.

  1. Fill in all the boxes below with the correct information. For Business and Extended Validation Certificates use the legally registered details of your organisation. For Standard Domain Validated Certificates, you can use your personal name.

  2. After your CSR code is generated below, Copy & Paste the CSR to a text editor (i.e. Notepad) and save it as csr.txt - you will need this after ordering an SSL certificate to go through the SSL generation process.

  3. The second code generated below is your Private Key, Copy & Paste the Private Key into a text editor (i.e. Notepad) - you will need to place this on your server during the SSL certificate installation process. Save this and do NOT share it with anyone. You can always rename the file if necessary.

If you are generating a CSR for a Wildcard SSL Certificate, be sure to use the * wildcard symbol at the beginning to enable the wildcard functionality. Example: *

Use the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of your server (with or without the WWW).
If this is for a wildcard SSL you need to enter it in the format: *
Legal name of your company/organization (i.e. Apple, SSLTrust). For DV, just use your personal name.
Division of your organization handling the certificate (i.e. IT department).
The city that you are located in (i.e. Sydney).
The state or province in which you are located in (i.e. NSW).
Choose your country (i.e. Australia).
Please type your e-mail address.
2048-bit is the industry standard. Only choose 4096-bit if you have specific requirements.