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Sectigo SSL Certificate - Baseline

Secure your website or service with a Sectigo SSL Certificate Sectigo

Secure your basic website instantly with the most affordable Sectigo SSL.

Designed especially for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to get a quick, cheap, and easily renewable SSL certificate, this baseline offering is the most easily accessible of all Sectigo certificates. Perfect for small-scale websites, mail servers, SaaS security, and other services.

Upto 90 Days added on for Free
Save More When Buying Multiple Years
Total Due Today: $60.33

Your Savings: $77.06
To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest browser requirements, when you purchase multiple years, you'll need to re-issue your certificate (at no cost to you) once per year.
  • Validation Type: Domain
  • Issuance: Minutes
  • Reissues: Unlimited
  • Warranty: $500,000
  • Mobile Devices: Supported
  • Sectgo Seal
    Site Seal: Included
  • Server Licenses: Unlimited
  • Refund Policy: 30 Days
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A simple, easy-to-use website security package: Sectigo SSL with baseline functionality

Maintaining a steady balance between a product's feature-set and its price is absolutely crucial, and Sectigo certificates show that this certificate authority (CA) understands this fact very well.

A simple and straightforward SSL certificate, the baseline Sectigo SSL is designed specifically for websites that don't need extremely advanced security options. The goal was to offer an affordable, easy-to-use SSL certificate, and Sectigo has succeeded on all fronts.

Of all Sectigo SSL certificates, this website security product offers a lean and reliable solution for value-minded webmasters. SSL certificates don't need to be expensive, complicated, or difficult to implement. If you're hoping to save both time and money and still maintain a reasonable level of security on your website, this Sectigo SSL certificate may be what you've been looking for.

Best of all, you don't have to spend much to get an SSL from a leading certificate authority. Sectigo is as accessible and straightforward as their products, granting you top-tier digital certificates at a low price.

Sectigo SSL Certificates: when you need a tried-and-true CA

Sectigo SSL certificates serve as one of the main frontlines of international web security. With robust encryption spread throughout the entire certificate chain, Sectigo's digital certificates offer a field-tested option for dealing with security threats on the Internet.

Though most online security solutions offer a similar feature-set through the entire selection of modern SSL products, Sectigo's top-tier encryption strength and aggregate data protection make them the way to go for almost every use-case.

You're getting industry-standard encryption at a low price. Access to the certificate chain of a leading certificate authority. The ability to compile aggregate data and various options for digitally signing information. All available at some of the lowest prices of all SSL certificates available today.

Sectigo SSL certificates simply offer impeccable value compared to other web server security solutions. While this particular SSL certificate can't protect multiple domains or offer extended validation, it handles single-domain setups incredibly well. Especially when one considers how easy and cheap it is to maintain for the end-user.

Lowest cost, best security investment

Sectigo SSL certificates maintain a mindful balance between price and features, guaranteeing that - if you know what you need your SSL for - you're not spending a dime more than you should.

Specifically, the baseline SSL certificate from Sectigo can't do the job of multiple certificates. It's no Sectigo Wildcard SSL certificate, for one, nor is it a Sectigo Multi-Domain certificate - both of which are readily available for users that have sub-domain and multi-domain enabled websites.

Instead, this Sectigo SSL can compile aggregate data for industry-standard encryption on a single domain. It's a domain-validated certificate that protects simple, unified web servers in one go.

So, if a single-domain web setup is the only reason you need an SSL/TLS certificate, and you need strong encryption without stepping into cost-prohibitive solutions, consider SSL products from Sectigo.

Perfect for small-scale website security

Some SSL certificates are built to secure massive, multi-domain setups, or even offer extended validation across unlimited server licenses. In most cases, SSL certificates such as these are prohibitively expensive for individuals and small-scale businesses, while offering features that they don't really need.

If all you want is a way to get digital certificates in place on your domain, and to get easy certificate management options from a certificate authority you know you can trust, Sectigo SSL certificates are the way to go.

Certificate validation doesn't have to be difficult, complicated, or - most importantly - expensive. Choose SSLTrust as your certificate store of choice and enjoy SSL/TLS certificates from the same company that secures Vanguard, Tiffany & Co., PetroLink, Intel, and others.

By getting in touch with a certificate authority such as Sectigo, you're subscribing to a long legacy of website security and SSL/TLS certificates that carry genuine weight and pedigree. A single certificate from Sectigo goes a long way towards making your visitors feel more secure.

Top-grade security standard, at a stellar price-point

All SSL certificates from Sectigo leverage the official Sectigo root certificate for trustworthiness. Via various intermediate certificates, Sectigo offers a substantial number of certificate products all across the world.

The simplest, most cost-effective, and easy-to-install of them all is this very product: the baseline Sectigo SSL. Of all available SSL/TLS certificates from Sectigo's lineup, this single certificate offers the best value proposition for individuals and small to mid-sized businesses.

Getting domain validated with Sectigo is easy, and if all of your documentation is in order, you could get this SSL/TLS solution, as well as a Sectigo Site Seal, up and running on your website within the hour.

Strong encryption for all of your site traffic and audience interactions can be available on the cheap. What makes this offer particularly interesting is the fact that this same company secures some of the biggest enterprise operations and government institutions in the world.

Not everyone needs Wildcard SSL certificates: do you?

A Wildcard SSL certificate is a stellar choice for a webmaster with (potentially) unlimited sub-domains, but is it right for you? The baseline Sectigo SSL might not offer all the amenities that its bigger, more comprehensive, and more expensive variants offer (such as extended validation and coverage for multiple domains), but it does its job perfectly well.

That job is - of course - providing domain validation to a single-domain website. This means it's perfect for blogs, small-scale shops, and other websites that don't need high-end complex feature implementations to work properly.

The vast majority of users just need SSL certificates that work, plain and simple. Coincidentally, Sectigo SSL certificates not only do their job, but they also do it well; at very affordable price points.

On top of that, you also get to enjoy the reliable and trustworthy Sectigo root certificate, the Sectigo Site Seal, and a variety of other features - all purpose-built to bolster your trustworthiness, too.

Need help? Let SSLTrust know and we'll be in touch!

SSLTrust specializes in the delivery, implementation, and optimization of SSL certificates of all sorts, with SSL certificates being some of our most prominent products. We work directly with a given certificate authority to help you, the end-user of their SSL certificates, to get everything in working order in the shortest time possible.

Get all the necessary certificate details by reaching out to us! Whether you're interested in Sectigo's root certificate or the eventual expiration date of a given intermedia certificate, we can help you get acquainted with everything you need to know.

In fact, even if you're still simply looking for SSL certificates to consider getting, SSLTrust's team of security experts will be more than happy to assist with whatever information you might need.

Get your site traffic and interactions safe and sound, and your new SSL certificates' Site Seal implemented - with SSLTrust, the leading Australian SSL/TLS solution provider.

Sectigo SSL FAQ

Sectigo SSL certificates are every bit as good as any other contemporary SSL product. Featuring top-grade root certificates with an appropriately robust intermediate certificate selection, Sectigo's SSL/TLS products deliver impeccable security no matter the validation type. Coincidentally, this particular SSL certificate is also remarkably cheap.

Yes, Sectigo is a fully trusted and trustworthy CA. In fact, all of Sectigo's root certificates are trusted by all modern web browsers, both on desktop and mobile devices, as well as a variety of other, more niche device categories.

At the time of writing this article, Sectigo SSL certificates deliver security to over 700,000 businesses worldwide, some of which work on a global scale. Intel, Red Bull, Tiffany & Co. are just some of the companies that sign up Sectigo over any other SSL/TLS Certificate Authority, so you know for an absolute fact that you are in good hands.

Sectigo is the world's leading commercial Certificate Authority, which puts them side-by-side with other cutting-edge CAs, such as DigiCert. They're a reliable and trustworthy website security partner that ensures stellar pricing with impeccable features. All the while winning the 'Best Places to Work 2020' for its New Jersey HQ, according to Glassdoor.

Product NameSectigo Basic SSL
AlgorithmSHA-2 Enabled
Validation TypeDomain Ownership Validation
Issuance Time5-15 minutes
Domains +
Allows Additional Domains (SAN)No
Server LicensesUnlimited Server Licenses
Key CryptographyRSA or ECC
Minimum Key Size2048-bit (RSA), 233-bit (ECC)
SSL/TLS Encryption256-bit Encryption
Trust IndicatorsHTTPS Browser Padlock
Mobile & Smartphone SupportYes
Browser compatibility99%
Client OS CompatibilityGood
Included Malware ScanNo
Includes Trust SealYes
SSL ReissuanceUnlimited and Free
Refund Policy30 Days