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QuickSSL Premium SAN SSL

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN Certificates Description GeoTrust
Quickly secure your domain and 4 sub-domains.
The QuickSSL Premium SAN SSL from GeoTrust is a great choice when you need to secure your domain name and up-to 4 sub-domains. Being from a highly trusted authority that is well known by your visitors, you can be up and secure within minutes. Don't pay the higher cost of a wildcard to secure just a couple of sub-domains, this SSL solution will save you money and time.
Step 1 How many Years?
Step 2How many Domains?
Total domains secured:
$28.15 Per Year
Step 3Total Price Summary
Total Due Today: $144.14

Your Savings: $227.66
To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest browser requirements, when you purchase multiple years, you'll need to re-issue your certificate (at no cost to you) once per year.

Secure up-to 4

Unlimited Server

Mobile Devices



Free Reissues

Site Seal

Money Back

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN Certificates Description

Security is a big deal with it comes to websites, mail-servers, online stores, servers and more. You need to make sure all information sent between you and your customers are secure. This is why an SSL Certificate is a great solution to have installed. You can encrypt and secure all sensative information within minutes and keep your customers safe.

The QuickSSL Premium SAN Certificate from GeoTrust is the perfect SSL when you need to get secured quickly with no large costs. The great thing about this SSL over the standard QuickSSL is the fact that is secure more then just your root domain. It also allows you to secure upto 4 sub-domains. Maybe you have a blog ( ), online store ( ), or mail server ( ). Secure them all with a single SSL Certificate.

Being a domain validated SSL means you only need to validate ownership of your domain name. This can be done through a quick and easy email or via other methods included DNS record or TXT file. No paper work is required or business verification needed. Any school, business or individual can order one and have it issued sooner, getting it installed right away.

Our GeoTrust QuickSSL Certificates also come with a free site seal you can easily place on your website to show your visitors you to security serious and have all information encrypted and safe.

Not sure how to get it configured and installed? Ask one of our team members today about our low cost installation service. We can get your and secured sooner.

Certificate Specifications

Domains secured 1
Browser support 99.9%
Reissues Free and unlimited
Key length 2048 - 4096-bit
Encryption up to 256-bit
Secures + 4 Sub-Domains
Green address bar
UCC/SAN support
Validation Domain
Issuance time 5-15 minutes